Oil drum skimmer

The oil drum skimmer is most usually installed in the API capacities or basins. It  recovers decanted hydrocarbons. Recovered oils do not require additional treatment. Oil drums are certified ATEX II 2 G c IIB T4  by LCIE and can be certified for zone 0.

1.Oil drum skimmer Industry model : All basins, constant level.
2.Oil drum skimmer Refinery model    : Designed to equip pre-deoilers and API separator .
3.Oil drum skimmer Intervention model    : Designed to be used on water expanses.
4.Oil drum skimmer Floating model    : Usually held in a variable level basin.
5.Oil drum skimmer TO industry model : Used on washing machines and industrial liquids

The rotating oil drum skimmer is covered of an oléophilic/hydrophobic coating.
This continuously rotating device, on the water surface, collects hydrocarbons without being wet. The hydrocarbons are then recovered by a fixed scraper and are poured gravitationally by a chute in a capacity.
Oil drum skimmers are certified ATEX II 2 G c IIB T4 by LCIE and can be certified for zone 0.

The originality of this process is that the water content of recovered oil, remains weak, making useless the dehydration by heating or centrifugation.
The quantity of recovered hydrocarbon depends of the cylinder revolutions number as well as nature of oil; on average with 10rd/min, the system recovers 300 l/h/ml of drum. The basin size defines the length and the number of cylinder.