Induced Gas Flotation (IGF)

The IGF is generally placed at the end of de-oiling unit. The hydrocarbon concentrations at exit  are in conformity with the standards of rejection.

Separation by induced air or gas flotation is a process used in many oily water treatment. The bubbles of air or gas are introduced violently into water via turbines cyclones. Oil surrounds the air bubbles and goes up on the surface in the form of scums where it is recovered by self-adjustable skimmer.

The IGF equip many unit treatment in oil industry. They are used in secondary treatment after a decantor. The treatment of the effluent through IGF allows high performances : up to 98%.
The flow rate is 3 to 1000 m3/h for a residence time of about 12 minutes. The flotators are available according to standard models or measure.