Absorbent filter

The absorbent filter usually equip the filters of the decanters and the API basins. They recover the hydrocarbon residues before the capacity exit.

The CK 101 cartridges usually filled the filters located at exit basins and decantors, in order to trap the possible residues after treatment.
The cartridge CK 101 is particularly adapted to the absorption of the emulsions, on the surface like in depth: rain water for example.

Cartridge CK 101 consists of thin polypropylene fiber, have a maximum contact surface with hydrocarbons. They absorb, by simple contact, hydrocarbons like 4600 chemical bodies: varnished, paintings, solvents, etc.
Length 1m, diameter 12 cm, weight 1kg approximately. Absorption capacity : 8 à 10 times its own weight. Cartridges CK 101 are hydrophobic and remain unsinkable in all circumstances. Very trapped liquid is never released.
The worn cartridges are destroyed by incineration.
System effectiveness: 97% of hydrocarbons, including the emulsions. The lifespan of the cartridges related to the absorbed hydrocarbons quantity. By experiment, on an oil terminal, the cartridges replacement frequency is 1 per annum time.