About Larive Environemment


SAPEC has been founded in 1971 by ‘SOCIETE NATIONALE ELF AQUITAINE’ and her main objectif was to resolve problems about the environment and the water treatment.

1984, SAPEC joined CECA, subsidiary company of ELF AQUITAINE.
The new society became CECA SA and the registered office established in Paris la Défense.

The Engineering Direction based in Pau, was composed of a specialized team in the water treatment and the ground pollution.
All the devices used for deoiling and treatment of oil spill have been developed with the research center of ELF.

In 2003, CECA society decided to stop all activities in Pau.
Gérald LARIVE joined SAPEC in 1974 and he took over deoiling and antipollution activities in 2003 and created Larive-Environnement.

Larive Environnement company is  specialized in the oily water treatment. Fourty years of experience in deoiling and oil spill equipments, We get a complete range of simple and effective treatment systems such as Oil drum skimmer, Oil belts skimmer, CPI (separator DP), Induced gas flotation (IGF), Up flow coalescer, Down flow coalescer, Nenufar skimmer, Orientable chute skimmer, Vactanks(vacuum pump), Dispersant spraying ramp, Absorbent filter.

Larive-Environnement sells in France and all over the world and can come to meet you to elaborate and solve oily water treatment.