Up Flow Coalescer

The coalescer Up Flow is a vessel equipped with an oleophilic resin bed which can treat hydrocarbon effluents.


The effluent enters the coalescer by the lower bottom of the tank and goes up across the resin oleophilic bed ROC 110 (Elf Anvar) which has a correct attrition resistance . The resin attracts the oil droplets in water. Once the film coating the ball reaches a given thickness, the big droplets settle and accumulate at the top of the coalescer.
The extraction of accumulated oils is periodically made by the intermediary of a self-closing valve.

The coalescer finds his application in the field of the refinery, petrochemistry, the industry and the treatment of underground water polluted by hydrocarbons.
The treatment by coalescence allows results lower than 1 ppm.